Sewing machine needles Overlock ELx705 SUK CF80


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  • Specifically for overlock and coverlock machines

  • Medium ball point tip for working with jersey or warp-knitted fabrics

  • High level of stability due to reinforced shaft

  • Storage box

The medium rounded tip of this chrome-plated overlock sewing machine needle makes it ideal for working jersey and other knitted fabrics.

Overlock needles are specifically designed for overlock machines, to suit, for example, the sewing speed.

The high level of stability of the reinforced shaft and special needle geometry significantly reduce the risk of the needle breaking.

Overlock and coverlock are supported by means of a second thread groove.

The overlock sewing needle can be used in all domestic overlock machines; however, it is also suitable for normal domestic sewing machines.

The five overlock needles are presented in a practical storage box.






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