Sewing and household scissors Professional 16.5cm


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  • Excellent cutting performance owing to precision blade grinding

  • Precision mounting of the rust-proof blades

  • For cutting fabrics and also for household use

  • Soft handles ensure accurate and effortless cutting

  • Suitable for right-handers and left-handers

  • The professional dressmaking and household scissors from KAI are designed both for cutting a wide variety of textile materials and for normal household use. The precision cut of the high quality, hard, stainless steel blades of the 16.5 cm long dressmaking scissors make them an excellent tool, which gives an impressive cutting performance. The soft grip ensures safety during the sewing project, while the deep crimping of the metal ends offers balanced stability of form. The mounting of the blades and the torsion and bending of the cutting surfaces are perfectly balanced. This means that the scissor blades meet at only one point when cutting – this prevents the fabric being crushed.




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