Prym Rotary Cutter 18mm


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  • Rotary cutter suitable for 18 mm blade

  • Suitable for narrow curves, appliqué work

  • Can be used forwards and backwards

  • Absolutely ideal sewing accessory for sewing tasks.

  • Suitable for right-handers and left-handers

  • This versatile, pencil-sized rotary cutter cuts fabrics with millimetre precision and without snagging. The perfect choice for all patchworkers, the Prym Super Mini rotary cutter from OLFA is an all-rounder, suitable for narrow curves, appliqué work, miniature quilts and much more. This rotary cutter can be used forwards and backwards, ideally on a cutting mat and with its locking blade it is ready and waiting for your sewing projects. In tried and tested OLFA quality, the rotary cutter from Prym is a very useful sewing accessory, particularly when it comes to ultra precise cutting..




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