Prym Ergonomic Chalk Wheel Stick with toothed wheel


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  • Fatigue-free work by means of the ergonomic shaft
  • Suitable for marking on fabrics
  • Dressmaker’s chalk in powder form for brushing and washing
  • Replacement chalk cartridges available in the colours white and yellow
  • With the chalk wheel “Stick” from the prym.ergonomics series marks can be made on all fabrics as easily as with a pen. The fine gear at the top of the pen-shaped chalk wheel draws a clearly visible fine chalk line. The marked line can be effortlessly removed from the fabric after sewing by washing or brushing. The ergonomically shaped shaft of the pen is great for left and right handers, as the index and middle fingers nestle perfectly. If required, the chalk cartridges with white or yellow chalk powder can be reordered. As in the case of the chalk wheel “Mouse” this innovative chalk wheel was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2010.




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